Sabado, Abril 21, 2012

Working out, Sweating out.

These past few days I started hitting the gym. it was fun and I'm actually loving it.

Needless to say, I really need to lose extra pounds because I've been a sweet-toothed-couch-potato in the past years and there's a need for me to lose those extra inches on my waistline.

My boyfriend accompanies and instructs me everything about the gym, how to use the equipments, how many times should I do this, and that. Yes, Im a little conscious 'bout it but I realized that at least there's someone to help and someone so patient though I am a very badass student (grins)

It's a sacrifice waking up 6 in the morning and no excuses had to be done. I have to rush in the restroom to take a COLD bath then eat a little rice and meal and voila! off to the gym.

To get to the gym, we could ride the tryc but we refuse tho- the long walks serves as warm ups. 
My first day was good, i had fun in the threadmill, still shy though cause majority of people in there are my opposite sex. 

My second day was "whatever". We have legs program and gosh, it fucking hurts! I've complained  about it for 3 days matter of factly.

Third, Fourth and so on days, getting used to it :) loving the equipments and i am also watching over my diet which is REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD!!! LMAO

But some says that i am actually improving :) and i love it when they say that hihi, makes me more motivated. 
I also am in love the fact that we live more healthy now, (though he still cant resist the urge to buy me sweets whenever I begged of him haha!)

Here's the latest figure I'm into. LOL, I'll post the full before and after, after achieving my desired body (winks)

It's a little blur, but fvck? who cares? LOL :))

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