Huwebes, Abril 19, 2012

Assessment on Independence, really?

On my own now as I step closer and closer to the real world.

I just received a text message from our OJT manager that I have a TWTH schedule. meaning i will only have to go to the office every tuesday, Wednesday and thursday. Good 3 days right?

And then my good friend Stof called, saying she was given an MWF schedule.

I was shocked.

I really had thought that we'll be together during the whole course of OJT but I guess were wrong.
Now I'm having a hard time to figure out how will I survive tuesdays and thursdays on my own?

I dont have problems wwhen it comes to independence i mean , I love being independent it's a cool word for e, but i cannot hide the fact that I am actually scared. haha It's always nice to have a companion.

Now what? no lookbook moments, No Mcdonals moments and going home together. Waa!

But I believe there's nothing more than that to be sad about, I mean there is more to come, who knows I will have new friends there, that kind of stuffs?

Wish me luck this OJT! O-M!

Where are you gonna spend your summer breaks? :)

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