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Chinatown,Foodie town :D

Every tuesday is honey's day off at work. so basically that's also the time that we spent a lot together :) Which I love because we never run out of things to do every tueday :)

In fact, last tuesday we went to Binondo Manila which is just a ride away from home. From Divisoria we resist to take the jeepney for faster transportation, we walked instead. It was so much fun because we did window-shopped @ 168 too. haha!

Then there's this new mall an extendion of the 999 mall i think? its too classy and posh. It looks a lot like Ayala malls really, the thing is there's only a few stalls inside but we love the fact that there is Starbucks and that place seems to be so quiet. So starbucksish (the word?lol)

It was so thirsty that day, we make patol na the buko juice beside the mall haha. It looks clean tho and not to mention it's very delicious! Ugh, im craving, okay.

Stop over to Binondo church to kneel down and pray, as we went out the church honey mentioned the different feeling inside the church. He said that the church seems so serene and looks very holy. I agreed.

So we walk more til we finally reach Chinatown. How excited am I to look for a place where dimsum is served. We saw Eng Bee Tin and I just couldnt help myself!

Eng Bee Tin's Ube/Pastillas and Purple Yam Hopia. LOVE THIS!

Afterwards, the search continues. We stroll along the streets of Binondo til we find Ying Ying's Dimsum. I would love to try but the place is not so appetizing hihi so I said that we should walk more.

And so we reached this certain restaurant which I forgot the name, there were a lot of Patrons I must say! and there is no table for us na, then the lady said that there is actually more seats upstairs. So we tried to check that out. MORE SEATS :)  more comfy and appetizing tables :)

Cafe Mezzanine

 Go Kong. P150, It's a soup consisting of diff. kinds of meat, it's delicious

Their Special beef wanton noodles @ P150. It's super dami and mouthful!
The Fireman's Shake :)

Here are some of the pictures we've had @ Cafe Mezzanine. It's delicious and oh-so-cheap, it only cost us around 400 pesos for all the meals we had :)

Happy Customers! :)

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