Lunes, Abril 16, 2012

Why you 'no' know customer service??????????

Disclaimer: I love my school. I love the ambiance it brings to me everyday, the vintage feel inside it, the quality education they offer, the comfortable rooms, the competent professors (well some). I love everything about it except some of the employees.

Lady with the swollen tummy.
Why you making power trip? You think you own the school right? err Bitch please, I have been arguing with her since the world begin. she never fails to give me a ruined afternoon eveytime I beg for my permit. Which I dont have to beg right? since it's my own. I paid for it. But this lady here makes us students feel that she's so superior and all. I remember a time when I was about to take my 4:00 exams, I come by her window 10 minutes before 4 because I know it wouldnt take a minute to get the permit. But upon seeing me approach her way this lady eventually left her window and told me to wait bacuse she'll be going to the comfort room daw. so i waited hoping that she will be considerate this time.

5 minutes..
10 minutes..

Its 4:30 and I am so damn late for the exam. I wonder what took her long! I beg for the other lady to just give me my permit but she refused and insisted I wait for the swollen tummy lady.

There she walks beautifully SLOWLY in the parking lot. She seems angry pa nga eh, cause the other lady told her that I was in a rush.

Upon sitting on her throne she told me this:

"Hindi ka ba makapag hintay? late ka na pupunta dito tas magamamadali ka pa?! susunod agahan mo!"

Mr. Maintenance.

Production has always been my favorite subject. I dont have any particular angst against Mr. Maintanance its just that at the time we were having production 9/10% he'll be joining in the stress. telling us that were WRONG, we could break anything blah blah. to the point that you just dont want to use the equipment.

But I understand him. the cameras, mic, lights and all in the school are well preserved! kudos!

Prof. Whatever

I would like to apologize for the language but this one is the most hateful person I have met. I was working hard for all my grades particularly this semester BUT this one is just making hula in our grades. If not, he's taking it personally I guess.

I mean i've been noisy YES, but I always recite, comply with the projects, seldom goes late, listens and studies notes, and passed quizzes so I cannot accept the fact that I got 3.00 on midterms and 2.75 on finals which makes me dissapointed for I wasnt able to join the Dean's List because of HIM.

I would like to question it really but I dont want anymore arguements. this whole thing is making me feel bad. Feels like all hardships and sleepless nights are not worth it.

Im not mad at him for giving me low grades, I am mad at the fact that he didn't even teach me well. He did not clearly told us the difference of this and that and bullshit.

Oh well, God Bless.

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