Sabado, Abril 28, 2012

Totally Femme.

So yea, I wore this one aftenoon for my OJT. It's just by accident, because I do not have any available clothes to wear, all were in the laundry! haha

The red skirt, is clled a bandage skirt It's garterized and can fit any body frame. Plus it's sexy! I'm loving it. I bought it in divi for 100 pesos only. And i do hope to buy more colors.

The inside top was actually a cropped top i bought on a thrift store that cost me only 20 pesos! haha lucky find indeed.

The blazer. its a floral blazer which i also bought in a thrift store in Avenida. I bought it for 50 peos only! and i am so happy because it's just so pretty and just too affordable. I really recommend you buy at a thrift store, because those places are the harem of fashionable clothes, I tell you. hihi

The mustard flats, was my sister's. haha! I stole in in her closet :P dunno where she bought it :)

The necklace was mom's :)

And the Ctrl; Z rings, i like to call them my Undo Rings, is a DIY. I made it myself using toe rings, glue gun and keyboards from my old laptop :) cute right? hihi

We'll be posting more looks on the following days. Dressing up is love <3

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