Sabado, Abril 14, 2012

No Break up is painless.

I wish I had never known you. I was happy before even when you were not there yet. Unlike now, you make me suffer, I know that you didn't mean to have known me. Me too, I wasn't planning on loving you

I think letting you go was the smartest decision I ever made. Even though I loved you so much, I just couldn't deal with the pain. And the times we spent together, holding each other, were the best times of my life. But no matter how much I wanted to keep you in my arms, I couldn't. I couldn't hold on to you, knowing that all you were going to do was hurt me. But right now, even though I still love you, I don't need you anymore. I don't need you to complete me. So I guess what I'm saying is, I'm sad we're over. But I'm glad I've let go

I wish this wasn't goodbye but it has to be, as much as I want to hold on to us I have to let you go because it's not fair for me to hold on when you have already let go


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