Martes, Abril 10, 2012

Some people come in your life as blessings; others come in your life as lessons.

I was never wrong when i said on my earlier entry that i love him in every single day, be it bad or good.

Writing is my forever love, and writing about "us" is my favorite topic.

Just recently we spend some wonderful day together, ate and walk under the very hot summer sky of Binondo in search for some yummy dimsum :9

He is having a hard time walking for he have some kind of a bruise in his left foot but I never heard a complain, that's just one of his great traits ♡

And then while walking we came across someone he knew. It was a guy named Joel, his friend. Then he told me about Joel, that Joel has been a family man that recently had an affair with some girl and making his life all shattered, the only good thing was the man chose to be on the right path and stayed with his family instead.

I asked " Sino yung babae niya?"
He said "si Jade"

I remembered the name and gave my eyebrows a litlle bit of exercise as it rises on its maximum height. JADE. I can clearly remember her, she used to be a "friend", more than friend rather  to my boyfriend. She'd been the cause of our major arguement before, we almost broke up but like Joel he chose to stay with me.

Now I'm pissed! hahahaha

Kidding aside, i really wonder why I get angry every time we talked about the past. But later on I realized that it wouldn't affect us anymore and I should be thankful because I was blessed enough that after all the dillemas, the heartbreaks, the hard rocks that fate has wholeheartedly brought us, he stays with me, were together and we are HAPPY :)

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