Linggo, Disyembre 2, 2012

Third Attempt.

 rarely talk about my family problems because when I do? I get lost. Depressed. It’s killing me and I am aware of that ever since.
So I rarely talk about them.
But what the fucking hell is going on with my life?! It’s broken, damaged and I am taking it seriously. Which I hate of course, But I cant avoid it. I just cant T__________T
For you whore. You ruined my life, my beautiful family and my classic parents. You ruined everything, even your own life. You shall die, (ASAP Please?) Look, I know it’s bad to wish something bad for someone but isn’t it badder to do bad things at someone? So I hope you die. Just die. JJJJJJUUUUUUUUUUSSSST DIE! Tangina.
For you Dad, I hope you realize these things. These hatreds you’re causing me. These depression and over thinkings I am messing with. I hope you realize what you’re giving up to Dad. I hope you do. Do you know how badly I want to ruin my life? You dont. Because you fucking choose a bitch over your family. If I just want to, I could go back to my old vices. I can drink all night or smoke to death, I can skip school or worst? Get pregnant early. But Im not going to do that. Just because you ruined yours doesn’t mean I’m going to ruin mine. Thanks for leaving, I hope you to have a great life T______________T
These words are the exact words that I badly want to shout. But how? I cant. Im weak. I can’t finish this. Again. T_____________T

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