Biyernes, Nobyembre 30, 2012

Second attempt

I dont know roughly how to start this. But this thing? It’s destroying me. I do not want it to, but it feels so damn hard, too heavy and for the nth time- Im weak :(
I plan to visit our old pastor and tell him about this. I think I need to pray real hard for I am losing my sense of life. Got no direction. Frankly don’t want to live this kind of life anymore. T___________T
I feel betrayed. I feel so alone. Trusting him was so wrong. I mean all these time dad? Seriously? T__T I never thought you’d be like that. I always look up to you. Made myself believe that when everyone turn their backs on me you’d be the last one to do so.
I  (am trying to) hate you. I dont want to, but you’re making me. I feel so miserable daddy. Why? :( T_________T
So Again, I cannot continue this entry. Sighs.

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