Martes, Disyembre 25, 2012

December is love.

December is the holiday season, and also my mother month because my birthday falls on the last day of December, so basically, I L O V E T H I S M O N T H. :))))))

On about the first week of December, I received a book stand from my friend, an Eiffel Tower Bookstand. I am so happy I hugged my friend in the middle pf the class. haha

And then For my Christmas shopping I bought the Eiffel tower figurine for myself. I am planning to collect all the inches they have. Haha. It's too cute I can die just staring at it.

And just yesterday (Christmas day) I received an Eiffel Tower key chain from my cousin as a present for Christmas. It is cute, right? :))))

I just love Paris and December too. Hopefully before or on during my birthday I wish to receive lots of Eiffel Tower collectibles. Haha So Calling all of my friends? hahaha

How was your December so far? :)

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