Martes, Enero 1, 2013

Happy (Sad) Birthday Daisy!

I have 3 nipples.

Hahaha Kidding. what a way to start this entry right? Credits to TMR Book 2 :P

This, by far is one of the most memorable birthday ever.

The real date of my birthday is December 31. But I guess it's of my traditions to celebrate it from the 26th to the 31st. Haha (It pays to have lots of friends lol)

On the 26, I spent it with my family in Bulacan.
On the 27th I went out shopping with my man.
On the 28th, Rest day. Haha
On the 29th I went to the Missionaries of Charity again to keep up and bring them some goodies (Birthday ritual)
On the 30th it was a undecided gala with 3 of my favorite people in the universe. Jayson (Badudz), Rhenz, and Ryan Jay (Butz). Actually I had planned this all along with Arjhay but the bitch is not replying on the day itself so I guess it was safe to call it quits but then again, Badudz texted me insisting we go out. So we did :D (yey!) It's been what? 3 or 4 years since we haven't seen each other. Maybe occasionally  but not so long to call it gala just frequent hi's and hello's. And so he fetched me at home then we fetched Rhenz and then we rode on a bus en route to Trinoma. The original plan is to watch a movie while waiting for Butz. But the line is so frustrating so we end up playing monopoly deal @ Starbucks Sky Garden, and after 489 years Butz appeared and we talked, walked, laughed, ate Jolly Spaghetti, talked and happily went home. Actually, these guys accompany me home and you cant just guess my mom's happiness upon seeing them again. :)
Butz, Rhenz, Badudz and Me :)

After all the happiness they had brought me for the day, In the end I still feel so miserable. I hate to spoil everything in my blog and just want to keep that as a memory because everything that happened is so frustrating.

So it was December 31st. My exact nineteenth birthday. I opened my Facebook account and found 200+ greetings from real life friends to acquaintances to almost everyone. But then again the overwhelming greetings are not enough. I refuse to get out of my room until lunch time. Frankly dont want to celebrate my birthday and even New Year per se. There's just too much hatred and sadness in my heart to the core of my body. Exaggerated? Ikr? haha But honestly, There's an instance that I said to myself that this is my worst birthday ever. (tears)

And then these girls texted me that they are coming over. And I know them my whole life so I also knew that no IFS or BUTS can stop them from coming. So I washed up, help a little at the kitchen, checked my phone and cried. Reason why? Its a secret ;)

Bestest best friends ever :)
 So these girls came in and I being an eccedenteciast have to fake some smiles. But eventually they know me so well so I spill to them the story of my sadness for the day. They're comforting, understanding, and ever so funny. I even guessed that they brought along some luck because at the middle of our chit chats, there he was. My wish, it came true :) And the rest is history. :))

By the way it was indeed the first time that my girlfriends met my 4-year boyfriend Michael. <3 So there's no stopping a photo op. Teehee! :)

My loves :)
So to generalize, it was a roller coaster ride of emotions for my nineteenth birthday. Happy New Year everyone! :)

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