Biyernes, Nobyembre 30, 2012

Truth be told

Im in a state of mind where in I feel hopeless, weak and just hmm. Sad. 
Truth is, for 3 consecutive days I have been crying each friggin night. I’ve been feeling that same old feeling I always used to. It’s hard, dealing with your own emotions yet trying to be strong for everyone. It’s just, HARD.
I refuse to tell anyone about my problems, fact is I only told the story to my boyfriend and to my best friend. They’re the ones who i can be a complete cry baby without being judge. Not that, i find people very judgemental (Perhaps sometimes) it’s just that i know I created an image within me, that kind of image who’s always happy, positive and cheerful. The catch is, I have no one to run to in times of complete loneliness. 
Well I know for a fact that my friends do love me, overwhelming love I say. They keep on telling me they will be just there when I am ready to talk and spill it all out. They send me “All will be well” messages once in a while. Others try they powers to cheer me up at the least. All I can say is that, i may not be blessed with a perfect family but at least I have friends. True ones.
Another fact for this unfortunate moment in my life is that whenever I’m alone. I just cant help it but to cry. sometimes for no reason, sometimes for flashbacks and memories, and sometimes (a lot of times) for the future. This change in my family, is a total bull. (sobs)
See I cant even complete this post without crying, so…

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