Martes, Oktubre 30, 2012

High School friends are forever :)

October 24th.

I hate to go to school and claim my class card because I knew (expect somehow) what's waiting for me. A flunking  grade of 3.00 for Chemistry. I blogged a lot about my frustrations in the said subject before so no need to expand it cause it will just bring back the feelings. LOL I received a 2.75 for the effort by the way :P

But then again happiness is a choice so I just said to myself that whatever my grades will be I'm gonna eat it off with five of my favorite persons in the whole world. My high school friends.

We decided to meet in SM Manila, walking distance to my school and Lindcy's too. We planned to meet @ 2:00pm but due to human nature, we were complete by 4:00 pm. haha lol. I was the last one to arrive as always. haha

Off we went to the main event of the day which is to eat. We went to Zark's in Vito Cruz. Ryan wanted to try it so I demanded a free meal first before accompanying him there. haha Clever bitch, yes. haha I ordered the Zarks Ultimate burger and man it really is ultimate.

ultimate burger

I had an empty stomach before going to Zarks, but the mere sight of the ultimate burger made me ultimately full Honestly I had a hard time finishing it. haha

Rhenz, Arjhay and Butz

I think this is the Shaq burger that Arjhay ordered.
 Arjhay has the fullest tummy of all haha. He ate Lindcy's burger too for Lindcy cannot take the calories anymore. lol

Dahil sa picture na ito, antagal niya pumili ng oorderin haha

haggard me with my Ultimate burger courtesy of Butz. haha 

Butz, I really dont know what you're feeling but eat that burger.

the boys

lindcy moi

rolando. lol arjhay

There is so much fun in Zarks. Butz havent changed he still enjoys being the laughing stock. ahaha. Goofed with them while eating and then we decided to go to MOA. Ah, high school days. haha

The first thing we did is to play @ Timezone.  Arjhay being the richest kid that day haha paid for the credits.

The picture above is one of the funniest. haha Butz is not really playing so its really a wonder why he acts so. haha Mind you he's all by his self that time. lol

with moi

with my two loved boys in the world

Stroll, stroll and more stroll in MOA. nalibot na nga namen eh. haha Nakakapgod so Arjhay again being the richest kid that day haha treated us in Juice Avenue.

I ordered Divisoria :)

At Juice Avenue we reminisce high school moments, funny, sad, and awkward moments. hahaha
Si Arjhay kasi brinought up na me and Rhenz used to be you know what. haha Pero dedma, very past na yun. haha We are good friends :)

And look at what we've found, a photobomber lol 

To sum it up, it was a fun day. So much for a day, yes but its all worth it. We planned on meeting again soon and more frequent. Ah, these guys is just so lovable <3

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