Biyernes, Hunyo 8, 2012

Close Enough.

D: Where you at?
M: Home?
D: It's my graduation day.
M: I never promised.
D: I thought you'll come.

It was finally the day, D is waiting for. The day of her graduation. The day she'll bid goodbye to the university. The day she will shape her future. The day that will mark her new life. The day M refuses to go to. 

It was not a new story tho, D is used to M being an asshole. but she's used to it for they have been together for almost 5 years now. But now, she wants to cry.

Friend1: D, dont you dare cry! It will ruin your make up!
D: My day's ruined anyway. (watery eyed)

And then she left out a very brief and meaningful sigh. after the ceremony she did not stay long, she wants to go home. hug her beloved pillow and cry, cry until she finally forget that hey boyfriend ruined her graduation.


D: Honey! Wake up. 
M: What's the matter?
D: What day is today?
M: Ugh, Saturday?
D: date?
M: 19th... of October?
D: And?
M: Shit! Im late for work.

D: (to herself) Happy anniversary.

D skipped her very important meeting so as to surprised M for today is their anniversary. Not a single fuck was given, it was not even remembered. Broken as she could only be, she still finish decorating the whole room with sticky and cheesy notes and pictures of them for the last 5 years. Dried her tears, then off to her work.

It was hard, very hard. that after some years, people eventually changes not for good but for worst. 

D received a text message from M.

"I'll be home late, Take care honey"


M: where you at?
D: home
M: Let's go out.
D: Sige
M: 10 minutes?
D: Make it 30.
M: Aw, I am missing you how about 15?
D: All right, see you :)

D dresses good. She have a natural knock on mixing her clothes. She wore plain shorts and a comfortable top because she knows that every date with M is an adventure. 15 minutes and she's rushing to put her make up on. 20 minutes all set. 30 minutes, an hour. 2 more hours, M arrived.

"What took you so long?"

"I knew you'd be so bagal, so I make the adjustments"

"You never kept your words"


M: Where you at?
D: I refuse to tell you.
M: Are you crazy?
D: I've been.
M: Stop it D, It's our wedding day.
D: I know, I never forget.
M: everyone's here except for you!
D: Im sorry.
M: You're coming right?
D: I never promised.

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